Bunch of possible Romoshop's from these 102 pics.

^ looks just a bit gay.

god that ed herman pic is painful to look at

shits gonna give me knight mares


The Herman pic needs no romoshopping IMO.

Looks like Silva wanted to keep hitting Jardine even though he was CLEALRY dreaming of candy canes and elves.

Ausgepicht - The Herman pic needs no romoshopping IMO.


They could be in a bed, lol. I've seen that happened here. (Silva/Franklin)

HOLY SHIT!!!! Thiago is doing Techno Viking to Jardine


lol /\

This could get good.


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^ LOL! Keep em rollin guys!

Nice.  Nothing like a good ol' fashioned UG Romoshop thread.



lmao! yes, this thread is starting up nicely.