Bunkerd Faphimai, SEMINAR IN AZ

Bob Karmel and the Scottsdale Lion’s Den
Muay Thai Boxing Seminar
Conducted by
Bunkerd Faphimai

Bunkerd Faphimai Bunkerd Faphimai has an unmatched ability to adjust his training style for each individual student. His depth of experience, built on a professional Muay Thai record of over 350 fights, has given him a sharp eye for detail on every technique and strike.

With years of training experience following his highly-decorated career, Bunkerd is a sought-after trainer by professionals and amateurs alike.

• National Lifetime Achievement Award 2001 (Siam Award)
• 3 Time Siam Award Winner 1996-1998
• Siam Fighter of the Year 1998
• ISKA Lightweight World Champion 1998
• Lumpinee Stadium Champion 1986
• Rajadmnern Stadium Champion 1983

Saturday, July 18 and Sunday, July 19, 2009
11am to 2pm both days
Location: Scottsdale Lion’s Den
2954 N Hayden Rd.
Scottsdale AZ 85251
Fee: Advanced registration:

$60 for one day, $100 for two days

THE DAY OF $75 for one day, $120 for two days
Equipment: Required: Thai pads, focus mitts, sparring gloves, bag gloves, shin pads, groin protection.
Registration: Complete the following form and mail with a

Info: Contact Bob Karmel for additional info: (602) 549-4864


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Hey Bob, good to see you made it home from IA, how many of your student win btw?

PS. as a side note:

For those of you that didnt attend the TBA Title Fights in Iowa this year we had a great time, a total of 140'some fights, with 44 titles fought. Between me and 3 other ref's (Khru Rex from California helped out on Day 2) even with one ring giving way after 70 some fights (the center post buckled underneath, never seen that happen before) And the Canadians coming down "In Force" , everybody had a good time.  (except for one really upset young woman at the hands of a Judges decision)

And Man, I personally got the best seat in the house for some really great fights. It was also great to see my old friend Bryan Popejoy and to see Bob Karmel again after all these years.

See you next year Master Bob.

ya had a great time, planing to go again next year with a full team. i had 5 of my boxers there we came home with 3 belts. we good to see all my old frends.

Kru Rex has trained some really good fighters.

Master Bob when you gonna make it to Phuket?

if you have a chance to train with Bunkerd you should do it 


 what are you doing in HK masterbob? I live in across the border in Shenzhen

a good friend of mine who was my training partner back in Philly & Thailand, in fact he was the one to take me to fairtex back in the old days. he lives in Bangkok, is do a boxing match in Hong Kong, so i am going to work his corner, then off to Thailand for my birthday

 cool, maybe I can catch the match and buy you a beer after

ya cool no proplem, its not a real boxing match its a bunch of C.E.O. typs fund raser black tie deal should be fun

Nov will be a perfect time to stop by the gym, gimme the dates when you have em' sorted out.

My buddy Pak-Wing Heung runs a gym in HK if your looking to stop by any places.