Burglars break into BTT, then crap themselves

 very cool story, pointed ot by Mike Calimbas


San Antonio police arrested Karl Rogers, 21, and Adrian Sanchez, 22, in connection with an attempted burglary at a Northwest Side martial arts gym.

Investigators said Rogers broke into the gym through a garage door during the overnight hours, but was confronted by MMA fighters who were still inside training.

"We're just kind of sitting down, drinking water, talking about what's going on, and we start to hear pounding on this door," said Caleb Murphee, MMA fighter.

Murphee said he and another fighter grabbed some weights to throw at the would-be burglar, but Rogers fled when he saw the fighters.

Officers arrived and found a getaway driver, later identified as Sanchez, trying to hide in the parking lot behind a shopping center.

The officer scaled a fence and found Rogers rounding a corner, carrying a hatchet. 

The officer convinced Rogers to drop the weapon and took him into custody along with Sanchez, police investigators said.

Murphee said he's glad no one was hurt, but felt confident he could defend himself. "If he would have tried to rough me up or something, yeah, I definitely would have defended myself. I feel confident I would have come out on top," Murphee said."


 the geniuses themselves!

that looks like napolean dynamite and pedro.

lol @ sanchez's mugshot!

blue steel

Hahah that's where I train! It's located in a sketchy side of town but damn, there's plenty of other places to rob beside a MMA gym with a big picture of paul Harris on the logo lol Phone Post

Caleb would have fucked them both up, dudes a beast Phone Post

Duckface, it has moved beyond women on dating sites. God help us all. Phone Post

Rahjai - lol @ sanchez's mugshot!

blue steel

LOL. Phone Post

 I've heard of some dumb shit, but that one takes the cake.


Rahjai - lol @ sanchez's mugshot!

blue steel

Please. That's clearly magnum. Phone Post

 well at least the thieves had racial unity!

not quite as dumb as robbing a shooting range

My gym 8)

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For some reason this reminds me of that old stupid criminals video where dude breaks into a place barefoot, gets stuck with shattered glass on floor, calls 911 to rescue himself from his own burglary Phone Post