Burmese kingboxing, RIDICULOUS

Its called Letwei or something like that. Heres the site I found:


its basically looks like thai boxing... with NO GLOVES, also takedowns are allowed, like high impact slams, all strikes are legal, groin strikes and headbutts. Looks brutal, cant believe no one knew about this stuff or maybe im just clueless :)

Doesn't look too technical but the fighters are the toughest kickboxers ive seen, maybe even tougher than Muay Thai guys!

just watched another clip, one duded did a back elbow... and actually connected... dude is bleeding profusly out of his mouth but still competes... INSANE. Never seen stuff like this before

thats Phil Dulap (sp?) site, he posts on here from time to time. His school is somewhere in Northern NJ IIRC

Whoa there! Before you write "tougher than muayThai guys..." :)

Every year, there are bound-fist fights in Mae Sot which pit Burmese boxers against Thai boxers. I think you can actually purchase these through eBay. The 2-3 I've watched are brutal. One guy bled from the ears for 2 rounds and anothers teeth were protruding through his lower lip.

Needless to say, what they both do is what I'd consider old school muayThai. Headbutts, throws and all. But the Thais have just evolved their combat techniques into a sport friendly format known as muayThai.


tjmitch, Phil Dunlaps school is in Mahwah, just over the state line about 20 mins from Central Valley

Those fights look like what you can see in any beer bar in Pattaya in terms of skill level.

i have seen a training tape, and they allow
almst everything, including the Legal Headbutts.
they often have TWO refs in the ring to try and control the action . . . . . .

Where has Phil been anyway? He posted some stuff years ago on the clinch that I still have, literally some of the best stuff I've seen on clinchwork.


I have heard those events refered as Muay Pama. I have some videos of the no gloved fights between Thai & Burma.

I believe they throw down in north west Thai near the Burmese border every Songkran(Thai New Year).

I believe Bando (Burmese Boxing) mastet Dr G (orgin. from Burma) lives & teaches somewhere in Ohio.

Duke - I've heard of those too every year. My Kru had a tape of one from the early 90s. We've actually fought on amateur cards in Ohio (muay Thai vs. Bando) a few times over the years and I believe Dr. G was there, but I personally did not get to meet him.


Thats looks completely insane thing to do.

I'll stick with BJJ

To me it looks pretty much like muay thai streetfighting...only sloppier.

I think Phil specifies that those fights are amateurs, and 13 year old amateurs at that.

Kingboxing sounds badass

street fights

I've read that the fights are only over from a knock out... anyone know if this is true?

Traditional Muay Thai Bare Knuckle - 2003

This is a 11th Anniversary of Bare Knuckle Challenge between Thai and Burma. These fights allow tackles, take-downs as well as knees, punches, elbows and their trademark and devastated shin kicks. Many exciting fights with many knockouts and throws.


Copy and Pasted from Phil's site.This is one of the reasons I think these guys look so sloppy.They basically don't throw many setup techniques or play to hurt the guy-the NEED the KO to win so the KO is what the go for.

"These are vintage high-lights of different village matches from the early eighties. Matches like these go on at festivals in Burma frequently. These matches are all from the same night and should give you a good feeling for amateur fights. The clips have been edited to cut down the time of matches while still retaining the flavor. Notice the 2 referees indicative of older matches. Remember there are very few rules all strikes are legal including groin strikes and head butts. The hands are wrapped in hemp with no gloves or padding and all manners of takedown are allowed you are also allowed to strike in continuation to hitting the ground until a ref makes contact with there is no grappling on the ground as they are kickboxing matches a thaing match would be allowed to continue on the ground. Matches are held until 3 knockouts of a fighter or until on concedes there are no points scored or decisions. If you notice in the matches the fighters have a tendency to throw everything behind every technique many times falling on purpose after missing. This is for 2 reasons you HAVE to KO your opponent to win and you do not want to allow him to take advantage of a missed kick with a takedown. Matches like these still fought under the traditional rules still are held within the ethnic states of Burma with great regularity"

I saw a guy throwing flying headbutts in one of those fights!!!

cant see em... i'll try later