Bursitis in my right shoulder

Last night I was doing the breathing exercises from the Zdorovye tape, first standing then in the leap frog position, I was doing 1 minute sets, my shoulders were starting to fatigue, I rested a little and then went for another minute, I made it to about 40 seconds and stopped, my shoulders at that point were really fatigued, but had no pain. Then I did Pavel's beyond stretching routine, with fast shoulder stretches. Still I never felt any pain. Then today when I was driving and making a turn, I got shooting pain in my right shoulder, it hurts to lift my arm straight up and out. I went to the Dr. and was diagnosed with Bursitis, I got X-rays taken (but no results yet) and she prescribed muscle relaxers, and codine.

Do you think it was the pumping action from the leap frog position that aided in this? Or the ballistic shoulder stretches?

Can you reccomend any exercises to help with the pain and recover faster?


Isaac B

Dear Isaac,

Injury causality remains the most difficult factor to deduce. More often than not, one generates injury through cumulative micro-trauma.

Wait for the results of your x-rays before progressing forward.

No one should suggest exercises to you based upon the information provided in this post.



The X-ray shows no damage or abnormalitys, so there is nothing they can do except give me drugs to take for the pain. Is there any exercises I can do now?


Work the shoulder routine from Warrior Wellness for two weeks, while laying off any resistance training recruiting your shoulders (bodyweight or bells).