Bushido 3: Wanderlei is out, Graci


"Bushido 3: Wanderlei is out, Gracies are in!
Submitted by: Luca Atalla
Posted On 05/05/2004

The last week was tumultuous for the promoters of Pride Bushido as they lost Wanderlei Silva, the main attraction of the event scheduled for May 23rd, in
Japan. That was because the Pride middleweight champion hurt his right knee
(the same that suffered a surgery a little more than a year ago) and he will have to stay at least three weeks without practicing at all, according to the doctors. Therefore, Silva is unable to face Japanese Yuki Kondo in that event.

It was a big loss indeed, but the Japanese are known by their great shows and they rushed to replace the fight with another big attraction. And what do the local fans wanted to watch instead?

The Gracies, of course.

So, in the next days, Pride Bushido will announce not only one, but probably
three of them to appear in that show. Names are still kept in secret, but we can say that two Gracies are leaving Brazil in the next days heading to New
York, where they will accomplish their conditioning with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
master Renzo Gracie.

The show must go on. And it will do for sure. Stay tuned to ADCC news to find out the Pride Bushido 3 new card soon."

That doesn't suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That fuckin RULES!!!!!!!!

All except Daniel, the Gracies provided GREAT entertainment at the last Pride Bushido event. Tell me that watchin Ryan bring the whoppers like he was burger king doesn't just make ya all giddy inside, and I'll call you an inhumane piece of shit.

So is Kondo still fighting??? who is Silva's replacement?


LOL @ the "whoppers like he was Burger King" that was funny, man.