Bushido at Grand Row???

Are we watching Bushido 3 at Grand Row this Sunday??? I leave for the Detroit Airport at 2 am on Monday, so I might as well stay up and watch the PPV. Let the world know Danny, let the world know.

Hey All!
Yes, I forgot about that one! Everyone who wants to watch the program, drop by the gym and the gang here will be showing it.... Mike will be back from BC so it'll be good to see him and hopefully he'll regail us with all the interesting highlights of his trip...
Downtown London

What time?

the show starts at 9 pm.

the show starts at 9 pm.

I cannot make it.


TTT for Team Gracie

I will be there. I hear Canario has a bunch of twonies he wants to get rid of.

Damn it, if I can stop by I might!

P.S. - Whatever Canario bets...bet the opposite!



I managed to drop in to catch some of the Pride PPV and to see Canario run away to Hawaii for 15 days that SOB!

Thanx to the guys down at Grand Row Gym and the former showdown store for again having the event.