Bushido = awesome

This past weekends of MMA wars was won by Bushido over the UFC.

The first 2 fights were intense. The entire card was solid, and it looks like the days of Dan skating by on lucky decisions may be past him.

It was free. The production and editing aren't up the the normal PPV standards, but still very solid.

The highlights they showed were great, and the introduction to Pride's top fighters was proper.

Good fights.

STFU CRE. The world does not stop and start at your convenience.

ouch , nothing worse than not honoring your bets

I agree. However, I no longer have any administrative control at this site due to an unfortunate set of circumstances that occurred many years ago.

Therefore, we must all agonize and wait on the head-honcho, Mr. Kirik, to receive my email and take the administrative action that will change my screenname..... and alleviate us all.

It is beyond my control fellas.

On a side note, what did you guys think of Bushido?

I would say they it would have been a lot better if they secured a 3 hour timeslot so they could have shown more fights.

It was a good card but i dont like the fights being edited, I want to see the whole fight...but yes it was a great MMA weekend...

I'd rather have paid the $35 and seen the whole show

The sad irony of this to me is that those of us in japan can't watch it.

Well, if I went out and bought the skyperfect dish and all that, but before the pride wars, we could just watch it on regular free tv in HD.

Edited fights ugh. I love all things mma, but I can't stand edited fights.

Looked like a Japanese tomato festival.

not as good as the last UFN imo, but MMA on free tv is always a good thing.

Anyone notice the clock in the Gomi fight. looked like it should of ran out before he had time to sink that choke. Hats off to the French dude, he took it to him

I dont think any of the fights were edited.

"I'm glad Dan " I'll make you look good " Henderson got exposed."
BMT yeah up until now he has been a hack of a fighter.
BMT think before you type.

I thought the UFC was better.

Why Bushido sucks:

It's KOTC in a different country...

The Chief is always dependable on this site. The delay was due to my reffing in Chicago this weekend. He asked for the change promptly.

Thanks Kirik. Time to taste my medicine.

I have only watched the Kang fight so far but it's saved on my DVR...I cant wait to watch all the fights.

The overdubbed crowd noise is pretty cheesy...but they do that on Unleashed too.

Overall I thought it was a good event. Something about it not being live takes away some of the excitement. There were some edited fights, the Gono vs Mousasi, at the beginning Trigg said something about two head kicks mousasi landed but not shown.

Kang looked impressive, as did Melendez.

This poster summed it up nicely.

Looked like a Japanese tomato festival.