butte brawl info

i just got back from butte.they packed the house with tons of great fans that really enjoy our sport.i dident do that well do to curtis not cooperating.and hitting to hard.However i had a good time and to any fighters who know me .Trust me if they ever call you to fight in butte try and make it happen.Its a great promotion and the fans up there love their fighters.but make sure you bring your A game there is a lot of upcoming talent in butte.also cool bars and a live pokergame on almost every corner

jerry, best wishes and much respect. Dan Tharp

jerry, i have much respect for you man, but a show called 'butte brawl'? that sounds too much like a gay porn...

nothing like banging in Butt Mt.

i heard it's on the other side of Wang, Colorado.

wait, was this where 'Brokeback Mountain' was filmed?

Bangemout busts out in butt mt. !!! lol. Really, butte is not considered the best of mt but in my mind there isnt a bad place in MT. its Gods country period.

It was a GREAT show....had lots of fun.