butterbean vs. hunt announced....

wow, i feel bad for hunt...seriously, bean will kill him...hunt's stand up is weak compared to the bean

Hunt doesn't get knocked out, but Butterbean has immense power. I still say Hunt takes this fight with superior skill.

Hunt wins.

Hunt is going to KO Butterbean. Hunt took 2 of CroCop's kicks to the head....

but its THE BEAN guys.....THE BEAN

This fight is going to be wild. Definition of a "Great matchup". netiher want to kick/groundfight, both have big power.

I think Butterbean will take him. He has way better hands and thats the game Hunt wants to play.

The way to beat Butterbean is to not fight the fight he wants. Unfortunatly, that is Hunt's style.

We will finally see Mark Hunt Ko'd

"but its THE BEAN guys.....THE BEAN"

iamfedor has slow-roasted the correct.

Hunt is actually smart enough to come in with a game plan to beat Butterbean. Hunt can kick, he just doesn't much since he doesn't want to go to the ground against most opponents. Not exactly a big worry with Butterbean.

I wonder if it's going to be a special rules match. Honestly I hate those. If you come to an organization you should fight by their rules and not have to be stood up like a pussy 15 seconds after the fight hits the ground like the Cabbage/Butterbean fight. Cabbage would kill Butterbean in a true MMA fight along with every UFC heavyweight.

I'd bet money even Sylvia would submit Butterbean on the ground.

hunt will kill butterbean