Butterfly to Triangle

I am told that it is possiable to get a triangle choke from the butterfly guard, but I am having a hard time picturing this, does anyone have some pictures or a short video?

Feitosa covers this on his no gi set. Great technique if you have the flexibility for it (doesnt require too much, just more than I have).

I think JJ Machado covers it as well in his Black Belt book.

It is done with an overhook from the BF guard. You have your opponent's right arm trapped with your left overhook.You go for the hook sweep toward your right. But your opponent bases out with his left hand.

This is a great opportunity to do the triangle. You bring your right leg over his head, then finish the triangle. Make sure that you keep pressure on that left left hook so that your opponent will keep his arm based.

This move is done if your opponent's head is high enough for you maneuver yourself into the triangle. If not, then you would go for an armlock.

Hope this helped.

this is my move

i overhook with my left and put my left foot on the hip, control the wrist with the right hand and shoot my leg overtop. Highly dependant on timing

I do it with an underhook, myself. The partner in this clip is a little limp, but it gives you the idea.


Jeff Curran does an outstanding butterfly to triangle.
I'm sure it's in a couple of his fight videos

I have a guy I train with who hits this move like it's money in the bank. He subbed I believe 3 guys in a row with it at the Arnolds the year before last. You need good flexability and the timing as to be there.

This move relies on overhooking one arm. The overhook opens up several submissions (armlocks, triangles, omo platas) BUT makes you more susceptible to having your guard passed, makes it harder for you to recover from having your guard passed, and makes it harder to sweep effectively. That being said, there are some people who are so good at the overhook butterfly guard that they can survive and thrive despite these dangers.

Personally I prefer the butterfly guard with at least one underhook. I'll sweep the guy first, and then start looking for the submission from the top position!