Buying Shooto Gloves?

Our competition team is looking for shooto gloves to use for sparring class. We want the regulation, 8 oz., open palm gloves, but all I have found are the lace-up variety. We would like them to have velcro straps instead, as they are easier for use while training. Does anyone know of a good brand? We would like to keep the price under $50 if possible. Kagi and Twins have official shooto gloves, but they are both lace-ups. Help! Thanks.

You can buy the official shooto gloves in both forms, the pro gloves (lace ups) or the velcro kind.
Both are expensive - maybe the velcro ones are slightly more expensive.
However, I have no idea about where you can buy them online.

As mentioned Twins also do a shooto like glove as do Windy and Fairtex, you can buy the fairtex ones online.
(All Velcro)

The glove used for the Scandinavian events is supposed to be the daddy of MMA gloves and a little Shooto-like, is it called 'Slayer'?

Enson Inoue┬┤s website sell his brand of Shooto style gloves.

I've been trying to buy several pair of gloves also. I have tried all week to contact Twins and no one ever answers the phone. I left a message and they did return the call a day or so later. I need to be able to talk to someone when I call because of the finance procedures for my agency.

I found some very similar gloves on I'm going to try them next week and see if someone reliably answers the phone.

Ouano has velcro, Kagi has lace-up

Enson's line of Shooto gloves are top notch and I like them better than the official Shooto gloves.


Much lighter and more flexible than the twins gloves...