C.B. Dollaway's response to Tap or Not

CB wanted me to post this:

"First of all congrats to Amir he beat me twice fair and square. I tapped. I was at the breaking point and then it felt like I could get out and tried not to tap. My post fight reaction was one filled with emotion and feeling that is very hard to describe. I apologize to Amir and his camp as I DID TAP and you earned that contract and I am sorry if my actions discounted that in any way.

To my trainers and training partners thanks for everything. This is the start of our journey not the end. I will be back. In the mean time I have things I need to work on, I am going to go back to the gym and train and work on my bjj and continue to evolve as a fighter.

Thanks to Zuffa for all that you did for me and my family this weekend. I look forward to fighting anyone you have to offer and I look forward to earning the respect of the fans that support me and this sport.

Thanks to Arizona Combat Sports, MTX Audio, LG Sports Marketing."

 ttt. my tivo cut off before they interviewed CB. but i can imagine he probably started to tap before he realized it.  Hope he can get back in there soon.

 Good move. He was losing a lot of fans... QUICK.

Classy respone. Emotions got in the way but he showed his true character. I will root for him in the future.


Very classy response. TTT for CB

TTT for matt damon!!!

well said excellent post.

Hopefully this message gets out to people who were turned off by it. If you watch that tap, the pull-away is loaded with regret. You can tell he regretted it the moment he did it. He had a lot to lose there, and his response is understandable. At first, I thought he was being strategic, but I was wrong.

Excellent post, wb Crook

excellent comments!


That's cool

someone gave him good advice.

I'm very glad he said that, and he has renewed my respect for him.


Wow. Someone acting with integrity. Impressive.

good post fight comment.

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Where ya been?


ttt for CB you are a class act and we will see you at the top of the 185 pound division this guy has only been training over a year. So he has a lot more to learn and has tons of room to grow as a fighter!