C-class Shooto - Thanks Larry

Just a quick note of thanks to Larry and all the crew at Boxing Works for organising the shooto sparring session yesterday. It was a very different way to spend Valentine's Day, especially when I kept getting heel-hooked...hopefully we'll get enough guys in the future to have a competition, I know I'll be there.


Nick T

Shame more guys didn't come along. It was a great experience for the fighters who'd never stepped into the ring before. Hopefully opened a few eyes...


2 of my guys rang up and were told it was not on and it would just be a sparring session , so they did not bother going .

Hey mate, you done more then alrite specially when u started trading punches with the other guy, i guess you were just unlike or didn't train enough in leg submissions.. ttt!

Hey MMAfun,

It's all good, I know what I've got to work on now (leg locks obviously, the clinch and fighting to my strengths). Being at the start of my jits career, I've got to be smarter about leg locks...I've never sparred with them and they scare me a little bit, thankfully Teddy(?) put them on slowly. Anyway, obviously you were one of the boxing works guys, come and say hi at the next comp. I enjoyed throwing a few punches etc, I've just got to be a little more clever about it (and work my fat gut off, I should probably be down a weight division according to Larry).

Anyway, it was good clean adult fun. Not sure what you mean "I guess you were just unlike" though?



Hey SenseiTard, im sorry but what i meant was unlucky, lol.

I totally agree MMAFun, VERY UNLUCKY, dear God the man got submitted 3x in the 1st 3 min round. SenseiTard was laying the smackdown on Teddy(?), but once the fight was on the ground, Teddy(?) was a runaway freight train that could not be stopped.

Hey Nick

You did well, just a shame you had to be matched with Teddy for your first time out. Teddy is a power house when it goes to the ground, and as you said, never trained with ankle / knee locks makes it hard when Teddy is very good at setting up and applying them. Still, hold your head up high, you more then matched it with him standing up.

Congrats also to Vic who performed really well. Stand up fairly clean and controlled well on the ground.

A good day, and as Elvis said, a real eye opener (hopefully I can drop another 10 - 13 kgs and give it a try in the near future).

"2 of my guys rang up and were told it was not on and it would just be a sparring session , so they did not bother going ."

That is a shame. It was a Sparring day and a great opportunity for those looking for some experience before stepping up. As a Sparring day, results would not be reflected on their records.

The matches were held as per Amateur Shooto rules and regulations. The only difference was that being a Sparring day, matches continued even if a fighter tapped. Competitors were made to complete the full 2 x 3min rounds. This was a chance for them to see how their stamina was and how they handled the later parts of the rounds.


This format sounds like something that should perhaps be more prevalent than actual tournaments! Sounds almost like the old Rings rules with rope escapes, but even more forgiving. Just tap and start again - I like it! For experience this sounds like a brilliant format - who really cares about winning small tournaments anyway?

MMAfun and MMAKing

Sorry I didn't get back to this thread earlier. There was nothing "unlucky" about it, Teddy was simply much, much better than me in the clinch and on the ground. I thought I only got submitted twice though...*sobs*

It was a great format for experience and I was happy with the way I went. Everyone likes to win but it's not always possible.



Cadmus. I think the Sparring day is a great way for beginners (no match experience) to get a feel for MMA. It would be pointless for fighters as most wouldn't want to expose their A game. Definitely a great idea I'd like to see more of. Once you've done the sparring day, stepping up to real competition doesn't seem all that bad.



You allowed heel hooks?

Larry was ref and watching the matches very carefully. Heel hooks can be a concern for beginners (I wouldn't complain if they were removed from Amateur Shooto matches), but everyone was competing as if it were a sparring day (eg, not trying to kill each other) so it worked out well.


sounds sweet when is the next one?

Ask Larry. :)

You guys need to really get behind these events as the one run in Melb was a great day for all. The guys fighting, spectators all seemed to have a great day.

After competing and watching combat sports for the last 15 or so years i would have to say this is one of the safest sports i have seen. Refs did a great job in Melb protecting the fighters not that they had to do much in that area.

Give it ago guys. Larry has big plans for this sport in the future.