C3 Furious Press Conf May 9th

Here is part 1 of the C3 Furious Press Conference formally announcing the co-main event Welterweight title fight between DeRay Davis against Quinton McCottrell on May 9th at the Hammond Civic Center. These are two guys who don't like each other and they are not shy to voice their dislike for one another. A lot of fireworks. Enjoy

TTT do to I can't view it at work

bigraydaddy - TTT do to I can't view it at work

Deray was very funny in it. Quinton had some funny lines too. Being there live though, I was sitting down at one of the tables right in front of them trying to keep a straight face, and couldn't, I just kept on laughing.



Funny to hear DeRay call him "boy"

 TTT. DeRay really doesn't like Quinton much. He's not afraid to say what's on his mind