C3 Tournament Was Great

The Midwest was privy to another great display of not only tournament organization, but great grappling yesterday! Joe Langford and Braulio Corral ran an organized and exciting event which included a Team v. Team challenge to begin, a gi tournament complete with absolute divisions, a no gi tournament with absolute divisions, and a pro-no gi tournament! All this in a tight package.

I had the opportunity to get my ass handed to me by Tom from Matamoras' school and Aaron Kreke from Corral's camp, but collegiality at this event was top notch!

At the event, Braulio announced that there are going to be 2 C3 events a year with an attempt to get refs from several academies that are trained and consistant. I believe the next event is in October and if you are in the IN, OH, IL, WI, KY, MI or any other sate for that matter and you let this tournment go, you will have no one to blame but yourself!

Tim Sledd (IUBJJ/Team Caique)

ttt for C3 it was a great tournament and the organization was top notch.

Tim don't be so hard on yourself, Tom and Aaron have been tough purples for a while and this was your purple belt debut.

Jeff, trust me, it is good for me to be humbled... ask my teammates :)

Congrats on your great performances as well! Team McVicker looked strong! I will see you in June at the Hoosier Open I hope.


C3 tournament was very well organized, and impressive in it's debut. I had a blast competing, and enjoyed competing against some of the area's best.

Congrats to Jeff Serafin!! He looked awesome winning the pro division. Go Team McVicker!!!