Cabbage has a twin

Does look very similar....

they should fight

That guy looks more like Henry Winkler to me.

isn't that Lou Neglia(sp)

Chuck Norris and Cabbage?

ITs Carlos Moreno............Won the belt on sat.

Shaq Daddy

Lol I didn't know Cabbage was part mexican

The guy on left really looks like Reed Harris from WEC.

Cabbage Martinez


Yah thats Carlos Moreno. He beat my cousin at Ring of Combat 5. He's got some very very heavy hands. I think he represents teams BAMA. I'm pretty sure he's undefeated.

He is undefeated.........I would like to fight him in the future but weight might be a issue.   Im going down he is up there!!

Shaq Daddy


Lou Negligence on the left