cage fury 3 at the tropicana jan 19th, this one is called "THE BATTLEGROUND" and it will live up to its name! i will post the card when its done, take a look at the article that full contact fighter did on us, it was pretty sweet, the headline that was on the cover said "CAGE FURY FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIPS RETURNS WITH ANOTHER EAST COAST WINNER!

you earned the accolades.

-jim genia, fcf

its funny you say that, i have been working on that, i have wanted an after fight party so we can invite all the fans, meet with the fighters,take pictures have a post fight press conferance,this way all the fans can hang out with the fighters and get to know them, you just might see this at cage fury 3

TTT for Cage Fury!! Sean Salmon

the card is looking good, i will post it sometime next week, its going to be a good one!

Gary please call me when you can about Andrew and the amateur show-thanks


Mad Dogg Management, LLC

give me a call when you get a moment so we can work on getting Dorian Price and Luke Zachrich on the card. I have called a few times, but I know you are busy, so when you get a chance, give me a call! thanks!

B.J. Hedger



Doug Gordon was real tough. My last 6 fights I've had I've beaten everyone including Forrest Petz (18-2) in the 1st round. Doug Gordon went all 3 rounds and I had to settle with a decision win. He only has 3 or 4 fights. He is a bad dude. TTT cage fury. I have 6 pro MMA guys if you need fighters call me. Marcus

mark, i will talk to you tomorrow... bj , i will talk to you tomorrow also , felix hasnt givin me a break! hi marcus, good luck in your next fight,



Lets get some guys from Team Jorge Gurgel on that Card...

- Dustin


I have to agree Doug Gordon has some talent when it comes to the cage!!!


Damage Inc. Gary? please;) lol.

Heard Tamdan was fighting for you he matched up yet?



Wasnt the IFC event held there called Battleground?