Cage Fury this Fri online

Have any of you ever watched a cage fury event on line? It looks like I will not be able to gete to Atlantci City this Friday, but there are alot of good fights on that card I want to see. But if it is going to be like watching a crappy web cam I will pass.

the online broadcast is actually really good. It was easy to watch and enjoyable last time.

Cool. Thanks guys.

Looking forward to seeing my boys from AMA kick some butt.

HELWIG wins a decision...he had the guy hurt in round one, then had a knock down with a knee at the end of round two. They guy had some good takedowns, but HELWIG looked very good off his back, with a whole bunch of sub attempts...running them together one after the other. Nice win for HELWIG!!

It gets a bit choppy every now and then, but I am happy with the quality.

yo tj the results of jim and dans fight

I will. Helwig looked good, very calm, and threw some wicked knees. And he looked great off his back.

Yeah TJ, if you could give results that's be awesome.

I will give the rest of them...John Howard just beat Josh Rosaan by triangle 3rd round of a real good fight.

thanks a lot! Didn't really want to go crazy trying to find them online

Next fight ... just starting ....Anthony Morrison V. Spenser Paige.

first rnd I give to Morrison..he has some heavy hands and is very aggresive. Plus he is a southpaw which seems to be giving Paige some problems. Paige landed a few nice leg kicks.

rnd 2 I will give to morrison as well. He had a nice big slam and did some GnP. Paige landed some leg kicks, and a few high kicks, but they didnt seem to hurt morrison.

rd 3 I will give to morrison as well. Another big takedown, then some more gnp...the paige got a reveral and got on top and went for a leg lock, but morrioon got out and got back on top for more gnp.

the judges agreed with me, all 3 scored it 30-27.

how many fights happened already?

maybe 5?

EDIT: 7 fights, #8 is about to start

Chris Ligouri (Rhino Fight Team) VS Dorian Price Team Severn)

ligouri wins in rd 1 by what was either an arm triangle or a neck crank, it was hard to tell.