Cage Walk shorts

Any one have these? I'm thinking about buying a pair. I'm at the cusp of small(27-29) and medium(30-32). I'm 5'10", 175lbs. What size should I go with? And how is the quality? Any help is appreciated.

I wear a size 32 in pants and the a bit loose but wear a size 30 in board shorts and that fits just right.


anyone anyone?



I've got a pair. imho they're a good deal for the price. built like sprawls but without the stretch panel and they have a mesh liner. good stitching, good fastening just like sprawls. little heavier and they have the outside split seam.

if you're looking to add another pair of shorts to your weekly rotation, these are very good.

sizing: they come loose. buy a size down from yuor normal waist size imho ex. I bought a 36" and I def should have got a 34" as I am a 34" now and I'm swimming in these things.(thought the drawstring works just fine.)

thanks man.