If you have not already read or heard....Let me introduce you to John-Wayne Parrs new baby....

This is Full Muay Thai rules.....

No pillows......4oz Gloves

In a cage.....

It debuted it's first show a few weeks back and was a success.

He has now got the same circular cage as bellator and things are starting to take shape, and I feel he has give the sport a leap....check it out please if you want some good fights!

Wayne Parr's Fight 

In your are not familiar with JWP then your self a favour 

Awesome,thanks for posting!Is that him really retired from fighting now? Phone Post

He recently said that he is retired and committed to forwarding his Caged Muay Thai but....there is one fighter he hasn't fought and that he said he might come out for if ever possible...

Mr Andy Souwer

And I would love to see it.

Tranny Yarbrough G(ayest)OAT - I'd like to see Buakaw fed some cans in ONEFC

  I wanted to see him scrap in MMA too...I just wouldn't appreciate a soocer kick to face from him of all people.