Cain Velasquez Surgery Went Well

UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez has undergone shoulder surgery and is now recovering in hospital. According to his management at Zinkin Entertainment, doctors said the surgery "went really well."

At time of writing, Velasquez was said to be "still asleep in recovery".

The operation was undertaken to repair a badly damaged rotator cuff injury sustained in the title-winning fight against Brock Lesnar. Velasquez is looking at around six to eight months recovering and rehabilitating the injury before he returns to the cage.

In the meantime the UFC has ruled out implementing an interim heavyweight title and instead ex-champion Lesnar and leading contender Junior Dos Santos will face off as rival coaches on The Ultimate Fighter season 1.

They will fight in the summer as an end to the season and the winner will go on to challenge Velasquez for the title.


 Glad to hear it.

Fuck UG News, EM is taking over!

If there is no interim belt, Dos Santos vs. Brock does not make sense.

Isn't Dos Santos already the #1 contender? Why should he need to risk that against Lesnar? He's already beaten Werdum, Roy Nelson, Gonzaga, Cro-cop, and Struve. I don't get how Brock is 1 fight away from a title shot when he was never a dominant champ and in his last fight was finished in the first round by the champ. Hell, he was almost finished in the first round by the guy he fought before that.

Because Brock Lesnar is one of only two people in the world to do the PPV numbers that he did last year. The other guy, was Mike Tyson in his prime.

Brock is a cash register for the UFC. That's also why he got the TUF gig, where he will be trying to coach guys with way more experience than him. Again...It's a ratings thing and ratings equal cash in Dana and the Fertitta's pockets.

What the hell needs to make sense about this for people?

Dos Santos wants to get paid. Dude's a fucking PRIZEfighter.

MMA Sites are slacking on this news by the way. All of them have the news that he is going for surgery today, but only Fighters Only and my site have the news that he's ok. Is everybody asleep out there??

What card?

Good stuff, hope he's back in action soon.

Was this a paid vacation surgery?  or real surgery?

Finally another site just picked up on this, mmamania just ran the story.

Well, I guess they'll cover it tomorrow then. :(