Cain Velasquez: Victim of "Woke" Zeal

Shoot the child molester and the argument is valid.

Shoot someone that happens to be beside a child molester and this becomes a person who shot someone else for no justifiable reason.

This is not some systemic racism wokage.

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Yeah, I have to agree with this.

I truly feel bad for Cain, but what he did was dangerous and could have easily led to an innocent person being killed. If you absolutely must take the law into your own hands, at least make sure you get the right person.

Did you see the “Free Cain” cap that Big John was wearing at the interview during which he expressed the opinion that the first round of the Carla Esparza-Rose Namajunas fight at UFC 274 should have been scored 10-10?

And as you may recall, one of the judges in the UFC Fight Night 5 fight between my man Rashad and Stephan Bonnar scored one of its rounds (not sure which one) 10-10. As a result, Rashad was denied a unanimous decision and was forced to settle for a majority decision victory in the fight.

All you guys defending this chomo POS should think, how the fuck could he possibly get Cain’s kid alone with him over 100 times to molest him and these two daycare “owners” not notice something was odd and notice their adult live in son was doing anything odd? They failed to protect his son while in their care which should make them responsible for this happening also and I personally have no issue with what he did and most of you would of flipped the same way were it your son imo. Hell most of y’all can’t control your emotions on a MMA forum without wanting to fight the guy who insults you but you want to act like you’d take the high road on someone molesting your kid…get the fuck outta here lol


I love your fandom to Shad but fuck man you don’t need to insert his name in every thread. There was literally no point to mentioning his name at all.

But there was a point - and it was eminently valid: If Greg Hardy was this horrible sociopath, Rashad wouldn’t have wanted to have anything to do with him.

And do you know the whole story about Hardy’s situation? He set that woman up in a $5,000-a-month apartment in Charlotte (which means that it would have gone for like $25,000 a month in midtown Manhattan), and one day he found her in bed, in flagrante with another man - and I use the word “man” advisedly, because he opened a window (the apartment was on the first floor) and ran away, leaving the woman to her fate.

You know what they say: Cuckoldry travels so slowly that widowerhood soon overtakes it. See the O.J. case - and if you believe that cock-and-bull story about Ron Goldman and his mother’s glasses, then I own a bridge that connects two boroughs of New York City that I would be happy to sell to you at a reasonable price.

poor reasoning and writing

I’m still lost brother even more so now lol but no hate you continue with the Shad love!

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It was Cains 4 year old SON, not relative, his SON.

Any good parent understands his rage and would do the same thing.

Most wouldn’t miss is the only difference


Isn’t the reason he didn’t get bail because he said he’d doing it again?

I’d completely agree with this if he hadn’t fired into a car with other people in it.

Anyone who uses the word “woke” l view as a fkwit.

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But if it were me, I’d also understand being charged for firing into a vehicle with other occupants inside it.


It was already a bumpy ride. But this makes it clear what a moron the writer is and how dissonant the narratives of overeducated faggots have become.

Cain is a vigilante who fucked up. Every sane man wants more vigilantes, especially anti-pedo vigilantism.
Therefore, free Cain.

How hard was that?

Yo @Floydster where you at. You got sourced now you bounce? Cmon back. Tell him he’s full of shit again bruh.

Wasn’t it shown that Cain said to the judge he would go right back after them? I have seen this twice now. Is there not a court record accessible to the public?

You guys keep saying this as tho they were two people not involved in this incident, they were the two people Cain entrusted and paid to watch his son and provide a safe environment for his children which they allowed a grown adult live in son to molest said son over 100 times. I understand his anger towards them also. It blows my mind most don’t understand this.

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My impression is that people understand his rage, but don’t think that eclipses all other factors here. I don’t understand why he didn’t find the guy alone or lure him in to talk or something.

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It wasn’t two randoms in the car with the pedophile, it was two people who allowed their son to do it. Get it right.

The claim that Cain is treated differently because of race without any statistics to back it up is BS though. Lazy journalism!

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