Cain Velasquez: Victim of "Woke" Zeal

Protecting the public vs protecting the children. I always side with the kids. I dont agree with cain being locked up for this. But i do understand why he is seen as dangerous. The judge is worried about releasing Cain and having him do something again which yall say hes told he would, and they dont want that to come back on them. Its fuct up that people will hold their career over doing whats right. Especially criminal as a judge. Cain will be news no matter what now so whatever he does if released is gonna make headlines.

In my heart of hearts, i feel like anything that happens to those who are or have association with a true pedo should be blamed on the pedo. If youre in a car with somebody who hurts kids like that then you might get shot. If you get shot at by an angry parent and the person you are with gets hit thats on you. If the parent can prove you were doing wrong to their child, then you should get charged with anything that happens as a result. Hurting kids is worse than murder because now that person is probably fucked for life trying to break free of a demon you caused. I pray for the rapture everyday to get away from this disgusting ass planet.

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Nobody is defending pedos. Cain committed a crime, well allegedly. The problem is that not only did he allegedly try to kill somebody, he almost killed the wrong person. On top of that when he maybe could have been released on bond, he said that if he was released he would basically go finish the job. No sane judge is going to grant bond to somebody who says they will go murder a person once they get out of jail.

No I’m saying I might of temporarily snapped and tried to kill all those I felt didn’t protect my son when I was paying them to. They allowed their adult live in sexual predator of a son to molest my son over 100 times…just think of how much time that would take…on a 5 yr old to boot. I can’t say what I would do personally although I’ve never committed any act of violence and not a violent outside of comp kind of guy had it been my son I might of snapped and thought fuck all involved and done the same so I will not judge Cain on what I might of had a quick lapse of judgement and done. That’s all I’m saying.