Cain vs Jds

Not taking anything away from either of these two fighters I've spent most of the day on an off iPad reading posts on here. Am not one for starting post or even replying to posts really am more of a reader.

Anyway ill get to the point, I feel there's a hell of alot of fans on this forum that see what they want to see when they're watching a fight now am not taking anything at all away from Cane, Cane won that fight fair an square an deserves to be champ but I looked at that fight an after the end of the second round I had a gutt feeling it was goin the distance certainly Cane was gettin the takedowns but once he did he held on (wrestled) Jds for the rest of the fight Jds was absolutely exhausted an was still getting to his feet I honestly believe Jds has learnt a hell of alot from this fight and will come back a better fighter for this loss. The reason I posted this is I don't really think It was this brutal beatdown that everyone is making it out to be.

Anyway it was a good fight, Lauzon vs miller was also a GREAT fight to watch bet they're sore today. :-0

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