Has Cain ever had to fend off any kind of submission from a good jj guy?

Big Nog fight never hit the mat
Brock - Not showed a dangerous attacking guard
Kongo - He aint subbing anyone
Stojnic had 1 sub victory at the time
OBrian - No sub victorys at the time

And before that are unknown guys

Are we overlooking a big aspect of his game and assuming its solid?




Why do you wanna know so much about Cain's jiz?

BrutalMedic - <b>"jitz"</b>

 The way he slickly passed Brocks guard and instinctively posted up knee on belly tells me his Jits is pretty tight, at least on top.

He could be a Rashad type: Can't be subbed, doesn't go for subs, but knows the game well.

Guess we'll find out when he hits the floor with a good bjj guy.

I hear his trainer is pretty good. Guerilla "jitz" Phone Post

BrutalMedic - <b>"jitz"</b>

brown belt in bjj helps his rasslin skillz imo

No one in the UFC heavyweight division with good bjj can take him down.. hell only brock can take him down and it was for like 1 min by the time he got out..

Mir, Nog, Big Country would have zero chance of taking him down..and cain would outstrike each of them.. all others if cain wants he can take down and pound out as he has ..

im sure he has good bjj defense. but it wont be needed imo..

 Camarillo surely has him very sharp by now.

HELWIG -  Camarillo surely has him very sharp by now.


The man is a great athlete, i am sure his BJJ is tight.

BrutalMedic - <b>"jitz"</b>

BrutalMedic - <b>"jitz"</b>

BrutalMedic - <b>"jitz"</b>

When's the last time we saw anyone from AKA get submitted? The only time I can think of is Swick by Paulo Thiago, but he was half-KO'd at that point by punches. And these guys are consistently fighting very high level fighters.

 I can't possibly hate any word more than 'jitz'. Not any word.

his first fight in the ufc went to the ground briefly, didn't look impressive but when he fought brock he was on bottom and got out very nicely