Caio Terra coming to Canada Feb 2012

Caio Terra is coming to Canada in February 2012. He will be teaching soem classes at Joslins then doing his seminar at Joslins Feb 11 2012 then we are going to Montreal Feb 12th for a seminar there. Hope to see everyone there =]

Take care

NICE! will he be doing any regular classes at Joslins as well? Caio is the man!

He will be down for a week so im sure he will be doing classes but don't quote me on that =]

Date has been set Feb 11th Joslins heres the link to the event page //


ttt =]


TTT very soon cant wait =]

Who in Montreal is hosting this on Feb 12?

Fabio's new academy?

I cant remember the name of the academy, but its the guys that hosted Cobrinha when he came to Canada last. It will be open to all =]

aguzzi - Who in Montreal is hosting this on Feb 12?

Nobi's going to host him at Serei's place.