Caique Seminar, Westminster, CO...

...Caique will be teaching a seminar at Zingano B.J.J. on sunday, november 7th starting at 12pm.
The seminar will be 4 hours long with a 1 hour break at 2pm. The first 2 hours will be with the gi and the following 2 hours no-gi.
The cost of the seminar is $80.00 and space is limeted, so call now to reserve a spot, (303) 430 9000 or 1 888 Tap U Out.

Zingano BJJ,
9053 Harlan St, Suite 40
Westminster, CO 80031

Take care,

Mauricio Zingano

1 888 Tap U Out = great phone number

LOL! Thanks, I got lucky.



TTT for Caique and Mauricio...Caique will be coming out to Mich. this weekend too!

TTT for Team Caique




TTT :)

I'm training Jiujitsu under Caique's disciple named MAX Masuzawa in Tokyo.


Good things are happening with Martial Arts in Colorado.

J. R.

Max knows his stuff you are in good hands:)

Max is a cool fool! Whats up Don and JR!