Call for an Asia Forum

Europe and Africa both have a forum but Asia is somtimes lumped in the Australasia Forum. I think Australasia should be split bewteen Australia and Asia because I think both would garner a good amount of threads, as we have alot of forum members in Australia as well as a good number in Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and HK. Also the scene would include reports on shows from as far as Russia to hearing about the scene in the Middle East (excluding the African and European Middle Eastern nations, unless they want to be discussed in the forum).



Actually, the Australian governemnt is trying to seek acceptance as a
South East Asian nation so they can benefit from better trade with the
surrounding nations. The EU won't accept them and neither will the SEA

On the side, I didn't even know there was an international forum.

it's all about the OG! =]

which nations are in the SEA?

Indonesia, Maylasia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Phillipines etc...

The org is actually called ASEAN. Between the nations they have a
favorable trade agreement much like NAFTA and the EU. Unfortunately
for Australia they are cut off from Europe geographically and the majority
of their business is with the SEA nations. I say it's unfortuante because
the EU will not accept them as European and the countries of ASEAN will
not accept them as as Asian nation. Australia has been trying really hard
to argue that they are Asian. Then we go into the whole debate about
identity etc.

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