Calling it now, Belfort gets injured before 152.

Belfort gets injured and Chocolate Al comes out of retirement running man style.

I agree that Belfort gets injured

and Jones has to fight Sonnen anyway

Weidman will be the man to step up by the end of things. I'm sure him and Chael are on alert status orange. Phone Post

Chael chael chael chael chael Phone Post


"Chocolate Al has that look in his eyes!"

NJstileNJ - I agree that Belfort gets injured

. Phone Post

Interesting that Dana has put all his bets on a guy that has likely pulled out of more fights than anyone in MMA history. I have always been a fan of Belfort and think he could beat anyone if he had his head on straight though.

 lmao the OG wULD EXPLODE

Vitor will get injured, Matt Hamil will get offered the fight and accept only to refuse the next day because he didn't originally hear Dana say it was on two weeks notice.
Lance Armstrong will accept the fight because the USADA won't let him compete in anything else now, so MMA is his only choice. Lance will defeat Jones stating the size and weight difference means nothing because I train hard, he will vehemently deny any help from PED's and reign forever. Phone Post

 In Belforts defense I think Dave Terrell pulled out of more fights.