Calling out Jon Gauddette/TROLL

If your such a tough guy I'm calling you out!

You want to beat a white boy lets set it up!

I'll fight you at any weight between 185 and 205

If your just a TROLL then you can ignore this


If you want to prove yourself, "I'm your Huckleberry"

John "Justice" Fabbricatore


Your never know what a man is made of till you call him to the line.

Trolls suck.

I spend a lot of time on the OG. If you want to troll go there and screw around. I'll laugh at you all day.

But when you come on here (UG) and call other fighters racist you should have the "balls" to back it up.

--JonGaudete "Fighting White America one Cracker at a time"

Bold fucking statement asshole!

KidJ, "Guaddette" is probably paler than you.

Think about it.

265 pure muscle.... Oh, I'm scared now.

Lets box a catch-weight fight then.....


William Hung?

That means I take the fight at 205 and you take it at your weight.

3 rds-

But I digress, I really do believe that your a troll and I've been hooked and reeled in.

I should know better...


 Go Hung!

He's a troll. Just ignore him.


Some white guy puts on "yellow face" and you guys are dumb enough to go "yellow peril" on him.

Whatever will be next, lol.

There was no "yellow peril" in my post. It was a put up or shut up.

I could care less if he was yellow, green, purple or pink,.

I admitt I got trolled. I'm more in a bad mood today then anything.

Oh, well

He is still an ass.....

She bangs, She bangs

wasn't he complaining that ludwig was a racist... and then comes on here and refers to white people as "crackers"???
hmmmm... pot... kettle... black...

"WTF is this all about?"

Some 13 year old troll who can't even spell his own "name"......

"Jon Guadete- 1/5th Asian, 1/5th Brazilian, 1/5th Mexican, 1/5th Africia,n 1/5th Middle Eastern, 100% Cracker Killa"

At least you can add better than you can spell YOUR OWN FUCKING NAME.

I never thought I'd say it..... But I miss OMA.

Your classification is "Retarded American", given to you by citizens of all races.....

Jon is a prime example of one of America's biggest problems.

He weighs 265 pounds.

That's a fat fuckin' 13 year old.

lol @ calling Baroni "all talk". the guy fights the best fighters in the world. who do you fight? who has he lost to? matt lindland, evan tanner? nothing wrong with losing to 2 of the absolute best 185 lbers on the planet. go take a dirt nap.

I totally agree that this Jon Gauddette is the biggest troll and moron for making a statement like he did and following it up with comments like he did but....

A comment like "I would beat your nigger ass. Go back to the porch, monkey" by punchdrunkidiot shows you how many mindless, ignorant fools are still out there.

Whoa! I didn't even notice that one.

That was uncalled for, punchdrunk.

You should edit that shit.