Calzaghe/Cortez romoshop. Source photo here

Sure you guys can come up with som classics with this. Blue name help to get the picture up would be appreciated.

Big congrats to Joe, first British fighter since Lennox to win a BIG fight in America. Also, thanks to him for boosting the value of my signed glove!


Good to see Calzaghe win, although it was a horrible fight.

I was kinda angry at both guys, Joe for throwing absolute SISSY punches and just looking pathetic and B-hop for holding more than a Cotoure match and letting Joe off the hook after hurting him pretty bad 2 times. Good fight and better than UFC though.

^yeah, he just had to hit Joe, it seems Joe felt every clean right hand, funny since B-hop doesn't ht hard and Joe is sturdy^


Where are the great romoshop artists??? lol.