Cam McHargue KTFO'ed Me!!!

 I mentioned this on another post but after reflection felt it deserved its own thread.

 Ive ben ko'ed in training several times. Largely due to the fact back in the day(early 80-s to 90's) we went hard, all the time and head gear was for pussys, no matter how many times I mentioned wearing it. 

      The last  person to  KO me in training was THE UG'S VERY OWN , THE SOUTHERN SENSATION, Cam McHargue!!!! I believe it was a hook kick, never saw it. I do recall we were banging pretty hard, we both had fights coming up. The next thing I know I woke up with someone holding my feet above my head. Cole and Micah were laughing their ass off at watching me being KO'ed. It seems like I got up and held my hands up, saying I wanted some more. They told me i was done for the night and sent me home. I still believe to this day no one wanted to suffer the ass kicking I was gonna bring if I continued, pussys and fags is what I say. Straight up bitches. Straight up GOOD TIMES!!!!!

I was starting to train some again until about 4 months ago when I completely tore my adductous longus and pectenius muscles from the orgin at the superior pubic ramus. I did it kicking a bag in kickboxing class believe it or not!At any rate Ive recently gotten back in to the gym and lifting after taking it easy and doing some physical therapy. Im holding up so next week Ill be in the gym kicking the ol bag again. Look for me to get at least 1 more fight in before I give it up before Im 50. Id say Ill be ready around october or november as long as I hold up. Any of you guys down for beatin up an old fat guy or willing to take your chances of takin 1 yourself, Im down. Whatevers clever yo.

1 word.



CayleeAnthony'sMemoryLivesOn - Vid or gtfo

  I dont have to have a video, there were witnesses, like a roomful of them,  fag.