Camarillo DVD review

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This is a review for the first section of the new Camarillo set, Mission 1: Secrets of the Judoka. The following "missions" will be reviewed as I condense the material. There is a TON of information on these dvds, so bear with me as I try to process it all.
First of all, the dvd quality is amazing. The guys at onthemat definitely out did themselves. The camera work is solid, the picture is crisp, the background looks clean (no hanging drapes or anything distracting), and the white levels are good throughout. The sound is crisp and I think you guys will see the amount of work that went into this. Its obvious that this was a monumental project.

On to the guts of this dvd set. This first mission includes a lot of information and it is lengthy without being boring. This covers judo throws, breakfalls, uchikomi (repetitions), variations of throws, solo drills, gripping, and STRATEGY. As a judo dvd, this stands neck and neck with some of the best judo dvds produced (Koga, Jeon, and Swain Complete Judo). In my opinion, it probably edges out Swain, because the strategy makes this much more than a collection of moves. Every judoka will want this dvd. As a horrible brown belt in judo (pity belt from OCK), I was able to see why certain throws of mine were not working properly, especially my harai goshi (sweeping leg hip throw) and my entrances.

Another great thing about this dvd is the gripping, Camarillo shows how he sets up different strategies based on his grips or his opponents dominant grips. It is really an encyclopedia of options and variations.

Here is what is on this dvd. Each mission is broken down into Objectives and and each move is instructed clearly multiple times with different angles while discussing new options that can arise and the importance of proper technique. In fact, Dave often shows what not to do and defeats some of the poor habits that many bjjers and judoka have.

Mission 1: Secrets of the Judoka - A. Breakfalls - an overview of how to forward roll and a sidefall drill while on the mat. B. Footwork - Involves proper footwork for throwing. C. Seoi Nage- Dave teaches a ippon seoi nage (one armed shoulder throw) and his gripping strategy and kuszushi (off balancing tech) are perfect and carried out in all of the following throws as well. D. Harai Goshi - Great detail on how to enter the hip after the initial off balancing - I just learned why I could never pull off this throw. E. Kouchi Gari (small inner reap). F. Ouchi Gari (large outer reap) - A lot of important details on the hands and direction in E and F. G. Osoto Gari (major outer reaping throw). H. Side Breakfalls - this gets you ready for the foot sweeps section. I. Foot sweeps - This has great detail on the importance of timing and shows a nice drill. J. Variations - Dave shows some amazing variations on Ouchi Gari (ouchi to leg pick to ouchi), Osoto Gari (shows an osoto otoshi to beat a stiff arm defense - very important for bjjers),and Footsweep off an entry defense (this is on the Dave Against the Machine vid and he launches a guy by changing directions - you'll love this move). These are some great combos and counters. K. Tomoenage - Dave shows the classic sacrifice throw, but flows into a beautiful open guard sweep when the opponent drops his weight down and back instead of getting swept over the head. His transition is perfect. L. HOW TO BEAT THE JIU-JITSU POSTURE - Very important section on entering, beating the distance, and changing directions to open up a beautiful foot sweep. M. Gripping for Judo and Armlocks - We get to see how Dave controls a grip (you know when you fight a good thrower and he feels like he is cutting off your circulation with his grip? This shows how) and uses it to set up his throws to armbar. Dave is always thinking throw and armbar with these grips. GREAT!! N. Redirecting Grips to Throw - Shows how to beat a dominant grip through redirection instead of an inefficient use of energy (i.e. fighting). The strategy has to be seen to believe, the step in harai is extraordinary. O. 2 on 1 Throw Sequence - SHows how to use a 2 on 1 grip to dominate the grip and set up a multitude of throws. This works wonders on an extreme right versus left stance.

The last section was mostly covering offensive moves and how to set up the throw and transition; each section is pretty long with a ton of detail. The next section of Mission 1 covers defenses to the above mentioned throws.

Defense A. Seoinage- this as well as the other defenses discusses the importance of blocking the hip, angles, and posture. B. Harai Goshi- Great detail on preventing and escaping from the over the shoulder (Russian) grip as well as escaping a deep throw C. Kouchi Gari D.Osoto Gari - shows how to posture and counter with a beautiful osoto gari (by circling back). E. Foot sweeps - shows how to circle your attacked foot to counter with your own sweep.

The next and final section of Mission 1 covers different drills.

Drill A. Forward Throws - Shows some static single man drills for forward throws and how to use the wall to practice your repetitions. Very nice. B. Uchikomi - This covers how to practice your repetitions to build familiarity and muscle memory for your throws. This is a great section and I think a lot of guys do not do proper uchikomi (often finishing too much of the throw and limiting their repetitions). Very important lesson on keeping momentum. All of the throws taught in the dvd are covered.

There is a ton of information in this part and this is only the first part of the dvd set; I think this part alone can stand alone as a dvd set. The strategy will blow your minds. Just wait until you hear about the section on flying attacks - mind blowing. I will review the next Mission (Secrets of Jiu-Jitsu for Newaza) later.

One last thing, we are lucky to see such a high level bjj and judoka teach regarding his style and strategy for integration. There are not many who integrate both arts at such a high level (Flavio Canto, Rhadi, and Leite are a few that come to mind) and not many who succeed with such a finishing style. Must be seen to believe.



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