Just wanted to give you all a quick update on Cameron Green son of Mike and Joanna Green:

In short...

Cameron is doing really well, he turned 2 years old this past February

His motor skills are doing extremely well, he knows to pick up the remote and change the channel when the Yankees are on

He can get up and walk along the couch or table

His trach is blocked most of the day and he breaths through his mouth.

He also is starting to eat food through his mouth versus the feeding tube.

Awesome to see, thanks for the update. Hey sea bass is baby yoked!

Change the channel? I thought he was making progress?!

Good to hear Mike.

His son suffered a SIDS episode when he was only a month old.

GREAt to hear

That is great!


he is pretty big for a 2 year old. have you been roiding him?

Thanks for the update.

These threads make my day!


great to hear :)

great news. hard to believe little sea bass is 2 yrs old