Can an ankle just break off a punch if it was 100%?

Serious question. I know freak things can happen. You can twist your ankle, sure but…how can it break like that off a missed punch? To me, IMHO, it looked like the Chandler fight. Leg got fucked up earlier and it fell the same way…thoughts?

Maybe a dip in the Matt.

Dustin’s explanation rings true to me. There was an earlier comprise, that broke on the twisting push force force with the punch


As I said on the other thread, yes. People can fuck up their ankles just walking around if they step wrong and come down on the side of their foot, which then rolls the ankle. Generally it’s just a sprain at this point, but at the speed Conor was moving and with all his weight coming back down on it, it ended up being much more severe.

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This is the right answer.

Distal fracture imo

That ankle was compromised for sure. It look like it cramped up (turning itself in) before he stepped on it.

I broke my ankle in a similar way. If it’s a dislocation it’s a longer healing process and those stretched ligaments after stretched out, they don’t rubber and back.

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Evidence it was already compromised before he “landed” on it.

Conor McGregor Nasty Ankle Fracture!! Doctor Explains!! - YouTube

The leg was fractured/broke due to Dustin checking the kick with his knee.

This was a TKO by Dustin. Review slow motion clip here where Dustin felt the break and pointed at his leg after the check:

The ankle rolling only happened AFTER all this.

Luke Thomas is speculating the same thing in his Results live vid right now. But someone’s sees what im doing by asking questions…