can anyone figure out this knee

okay i woke up my knee is fine, during lunchtime i feel discomfort around the bone that is right under the knee. It starts swelling up and i start having trouble walking.
To make a long story short, by night time my the area under my knee and part of my knee is swollen and i cant walk. to make a long story even shorter, that was friday and although the swelling has gone down and i can walk (limping)it still hurts and i cant train. does anyone know what this is?

Sounds like ancerine bursitis, 2 aleve twice a day, ice, rest. This is a common bursitis, located right below the knee

thanks howardo, appreciate the response, i was a little worried mostly because i had no idea what it was.

Howardo, what about gonococcal arthritis? I ask because I just took step2 and it was all over, is it more of a zebra?

I have seen it once or twice, usually it is migratory, also a rash is usually present, and peeing will make you cry like a baby. What is step2?

USMLE step 2, part of the series of tests needed to graduate, then become board certified. You didn't take it?

To graduate from what? I remember 3 parts to the national boards, is that what you are talking about?

To graduate medical school, Step 3 comes during residency for us. Where do you practice at?

Florida. Med school at SUNY at Syracuse, resicency at Mt Sinai isn Manhattan. You?

Temple, three more months of school. Hope to match in PM&R at Temple. If I have to scramble, maybe family med in Alaska or Washington.

Great, no matter what anyone says, medicine is an awesome career. i have a good friend who is the head of Pulm-crit care at Jefferson in Philly. What internship/res are you looking at?

thanks, knee is alot better, it was bursitis, the treatment worked fantastic, bought a knee pad and back to training, thanks again Howardo!!!

Glad to hear it

I ranked PM&R at Temple #1. If I have to scramble, maybe family med somewhere nice.
What do you do? General, specialty, etc?

rheumatology, adult.