Can I order UFC72 ppv tonight?

I am confused. Or do I have to wait until Monday.

I want to order tonight (Saturday) but can't seem to find it on


i'm in the same boat with dishnetwork. i spent twenty minutes on the phone with customer svc and yes, you do have to wait until monday for the encore. why it's not replaying until then i have no idea but it's lame!!

Comcast Cable in Northern Ca is showing the replay 7:00 PST.I missed the first half but,the lady told me that I can watch the replay.I thought that the replay would start right after the event,like normal but no,I found out later that they would show it at 7:00.

after reading the posts about the fights, i'm glad i missed it and agree with the others about saving the cash. that's $40 i'm saving this month.

I couldn't order it if I wanted to, Cablevision is fucken terrible. Anyone know where i can find the fights on the net?

Dish network doesn't replay until 6/18/07.