Can it be in a fighter’s financial best interest to lose and regain a title

Vs being dominant? Will a champion losing and then challenging for the title be more interesting and draw more eyes and money than a dominant champ?

Anything is possible if done right

Depends on the fighter but for the most part the dominant fighters, on their runs, made the most money. Chuck. Anderson. GSP. Bones.

Nate, Masvidal, Lewis etc are high paid too 5-10 talent

Of course.

Amanda was -1000

If she or family bet (1Mil on Juliana), to win u do the math profit wise :moneybag::dollar::money_with_wings:

Is that illegal?

Let’s say she didn’t directly but a family member did. She splits with them. Could she be sued into oblivion?

No way am I saying this is what happened BTW for you sensitive Nancys.

You’d have to prove conspiracy, but at the very minimum I’m sure the bookie could cancel the bet.

It depends, if Amanda was a big personality, more people would’ve heard of her losing after a dominant run, which could lead to more eyes on her return but I don’t know anyone outside of this forum who knows who she is.

That’s funny because ESPN+ told me this was a bigger deal than when Buster Douglas best Mike Tyson.

Bro, I remember when Buster Douglas beat Mike Tyson. It was a much bigger deal lol.

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