Can someone tell me about jujitsu (see vid)

I'm struggling these days with motivating myself to stick with BJJ because I only have access to BJJ clubs that heavily emphasize sport bjj. I just don't care about worm guard or tournament scenarios.

What is this "sport jujitsu" stuff? Is it worth looking into if what I am looking for is mostly self-defense scenarios?

whats your experience? what area are you in? In my opinion if your a beginner it donst really matter because the basics are the basics. Your going to learn the same umpa and kimura and stuff no matter where you are. What do you mean by self defense? most places have no gi... do you mean like the gracie academy? im willing to bet what you need is closer than you think.

That stuff has been around for a long time.  It's fairly popular in Europe, but not so much here.  It was just really starting to take off when BJJ appeared and then it quickly shrank back to an extremely small niche.  It's like a combo of karate point sparring, throws, and limited groundwork.  I came from a Karate/JJJ background and we used to do some of this in class sparring.  It was a lot of fun.  

I'm in Europe. I've been doing BJJ off and on for a number of years. Just not into tournament sports jiu jitsu any more. We never train with strikes, we only ever train stand-up when there is a competition coming up. And where I live it's either sport bjj or mma. and I'm too old to be getting punched in the face any more. There are a few jujitsu clubs in my city too. Was just wondering if anybody has experience in both.

Yeah Cliff said it well. I come from a modern American style of JJ myself and was always waiting for this International type of JJ to come to the west coast. It never quite did, though they had a lot of events in the Ohio, West Viginia area.

It's good stuff which combines striking, throwing & grappling --kind of like "MMA-lite". But it never really took off and BJJ kinda ruined the scene.

More fans in attendance there than BJJ comps here.

nowaydo - More fans in attendance there than BJJ comps here.

Well, I'd say it is a far more "watchable" sport.

Any old school guys remember Harold Howard? He was the first Sport Jiu-Jitsu Heavywieght Champion back in the 80s.