Can Tito do this....

"Jackson couldnt even do that now "

I was going to post the same thing. Quinton, as much as I like him, hasn't looked great in any of his last fights.

Chuck on the other hand has only gotten better.

I can't see Tito having anything for Chuck.

Rampage fought Silva three times? Are you sure you are not thinking Silva twice and Shogun once? What happened to that Rampage anyways? I miss him, he was always great to watch.

"He uses his elbows to inflict cuts."

I could have sworn he KO'd Shamrock with punches from the guard.

"Chuck on the other hand has only gotten better."

I think he has gotten better, but it's also true that since that loss he hasn't fought anyone with good standup and a good chin.


chuck is very hard to beat...

My apologies, Silva only destroyed Rampage twice - it was just a such severe asskicking it looked like three times.

Chuck likes to sit back and pick away at grapplers. He has always struggled with guys crawling up on him and infighting. That is exactly what Rampage did, it's what Couture did the first time and it is what Silva does in almost every fight.

Chuck as awesome, but I don't think he deserves the top spot ranking over Silva and Shogun - and I do believe both would beat him.

I'd like to see that

Very doubtful.

I know all you experts on the UG think Chuck vs Randy 1, and vs Rampage is Chuck at 100%. Please bet up Rampage when they fight. Chuck had a bad year in 2003. He had a lot of injuries, and it hurt his training, believe it or not. Chuck never used it as an excuse. I'm sure when Chuck KO's Rampage in the rematch, everyone will say Rampage is not the same fighter he was before he fought Silva and Shogun. But according to most people in the UG Chuck was killed, destroyed and murdered by Randy, Rampage and Overeem(in the first 2min of a 20min fight). Nobody would ever give Chuck that pass, but for Rampage, and Silva after Cro Cop it's ok. They're both younger then Chuck, so it shouldn't be used as an excuse.

LOL @ all the rampage huggers:

fact 1. a torn quadricep muscle is a serious injury. your quad is your biggest leg muscle and is used heavily in take downs, take down defense, kicking and punching. a fighter with a torn quad is essentially a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest.

fact 2. chuck liddell had a torn quad when he faught rampage.

fact 3. if and when the rematch occurs, jackson will leave the cage with a hole in his skull and absolutely no championship belt around his waist.

just because you're a bunch of PRIDE fanboys doesn't mean you can ignore the FACTS.

Let me tell you guys about Rampage that alot of 205 pounders dont have, Retard Strength. RAMPAGE has this and when he uses it, your done.

The Calf Cruncher