Can Tito ever wear a belt again

Do you think with Tito losing his last two fights, will he ever wear a belt again? Do you think, if he has a rematch with Chuck, can he pull it off? Alternatively, is Tito a big fake and has been dodging chuck all these years?

anyone ???? anyone ????

I don't see Tito winning a belt in the UFC again. Not because he is a fake, but because it is too long of a road for him.

Tito is hardly a fake. He has outstanding grappling and wrestling skills. I have heard from many people that his Jiu Jitsu is brown belt level. His problem is he tries to out strike a striker and out wrestle an all-american.

He's back at work as we type.

Sure he can. In my opinion, the most important thing for him to keep in mind is that a black belt with brown or corodovan shoes is a major faux pas.