Can u please romo/photoshop Anderson Silva money?

 Id love to see what you ugers can come up with on romo shop or photo shop

for this thread it will be...

Create your own rendition of "Anderson Silva Money"

and since anderson silva money is a lot please keep it in the high denominations

lets say 50's, 100's, 1000's, and 1,000,000 one million dollar bills only

this thread has potential to be hilarious if u guys that know how to do it each make ur own

"Anderson Silva moneys" and post them on here


Winner gets to have their "anderson silva money posted on here every time "Anderson silva money" is brought up talked about or mentioned

also u get bragging rights

 to start it off... ill set the bar low because i cant wait to see what u guys come up  with

plus anderson silva would never accept one dollar bills in his anderson silva money


ill try to get the small bills outta the way cuz real anderson silva is big money

50s, 100s, 1000s, and million dollar bills

 oh and while this thread is here,

heres a never before released picture taken by the ufc during the all access shoot at anderson silvas home, he asked them not to release it due to security purposes since its his home in brazil and hes not always there, and he doesnt want it to get robbed

check out all this anderson silva money

Drug money

I liked the one with Dana, Anderson, and Machida throwing money. Phone Post

I tried lol.

I suck at Photoshop but I tried...

andersonsilvamoney.jpg Phone Post


 Foob fighter - 

 lol @ mo money

try offering a free colored name (that supposedly is worth something i dont know why)

and u'll get some good submissions via armbar