Can Vince McMahon sign Fedor vs. Brock?

Brock is a warrior and would be a HUGE favorite. I know he would fight anyone, anywhere, anytime. He knows he is the real HW champion of the world.

Fedor loves his freak show fights and would have a dominant punching edge.

Brock vs. Fedor would destroy all PPV #'s past and present.

Can Vince make the biggest fight in WWE history happen?

Vince already has one guy on contract, and another that could easily be persauded considering circumstances. Dana has shyed away from this fight, and knows he can't sign Fedor. The Russians just won't give into Dana's lopsided contracts. Vince, however, knows that he can steal the spotlight and sign the biggest PPV in the history of the world.

Tweet this thread to Vince, so he can get to work. Fedor vs. Brock full MMA, will happen in the WWE, not the UFC.

Vince McMahon wins via TKO (Dana turtled)

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Vince is much more likely to sign this than Dana. WWE will have MMA bouts soon. This might be the first one.

I would love to see Dana's reaction if it did get signed.

Vince MMA fans are willing to pay $100 for this fight and buy it twice + WWE fans can have all the pro-wrestling they want on the undercard.

1. Sign Fedor
2. Profit
3. ?????????

Let's get it on!

officedrone23 - In all seriousness, could Vince do a WWE PPV with 2-3 legit MMA bouts included, one of them being Brock vs. Fedor? I know it is stupid, but in Vince-Land anything is possible if you sprinkle enough money on it. It would be a bad idea for Brock's wrestling career to see him turtle and get shellacked in 30 seconds, so he might pass on those grounds alone.

Any MMA fan should be against that. Just for being on a WWE PPV the matches will already be tainted. If Brock manages to beat Fedor they will say because he was scripted to win.

Shane's a huge fan of MMA. I'm actually surprised he didn't start his own MMA promotion or partner up with an existing one [imagine if he partnered with Scott Coker/Strikeforce instead of buying them out]when he left WWE a few years ago.

this idea never crossed my mind. interesting.

 but would it be real or scripted?

I don't think Vince would have any interest in doing it. I think he got his fill with Brawl for All, mixing real fighting with his sports entertainment.

Nobody wants to see "real" mma with fake wrestling. If Vince puts it on it has no credibility who knows if it's real or a fix. Phone Post

If Dana puts it on, the show might be cancelled...

ladder match?

Soup Nazi - ladder match?

Hell in the cell falls count anywhere I quit match Phone Post

I don't Vince McMahon would be interested in putting this on. He has worked very hard for wrestling to be catering to the younger fans for years now. This is the main reason the attitude era disappeared. He made the fights a lot tamer to avoid injuries as well.

Having real fights in wrestling would damage the look and feel he has been building to.

If it was a scripted fight then it would be totally worthless. Phone Post

Well, we all know Dana can't sign this fight, Vince may be our only hope...

why people seems to love this idea?
why an MMA fight in a fake drama shit organization will be something people willing to see?

and how you can watch WWE after your a big fan of a real fighting sport?

Perfect. When Brock gets destroyed in a WWE ring for real, he'll be worthless both as an MMA fighter and as a sports entertainer.


Fedor in a ring. No one can defend.