Can you keep a secret?

 Try to keep this under wraps, because I have a very prestigious reputation to uphold for being able to pick my nose better than a fight, but...

Todd Duffee x Mike Russow

Exciting new heavyweight prospect Todd Duffee makes his eagerly anticipated return to action after securing the UFC's fastest knockout over Tim Hague (even though Bang vs. Goulet was much quicker than the official time represents).  The ATT beast takes a monstrous leap in competition against the dangerous Mike Russow, who holds an impressive submission win over the feisty Roman Zentsov in the ephemeral Yarennoka promotion, and has only been bested by Sergei Kharitonov in Pride

I'm the stubborn type of party pooper who prefers to value the tangibility of performance and experience versus top competition over the excitement of amazing potential.  Duffee undoubtedly has the horsepower to become a great heavyweight, but the infancy of his career leaves too many questions for me to think he can top a wary veteran like Russow.  The endless hours Duffee's been punching in on the time card at the prestigious ATT camp should endow him with enough submission savvy to steer clear of Russow's aggressive ground attack, but Russow is an ultra-steep test for Duffee at this point.  My prediction:  Russow by decision

Diego Sanchez x John Hathaway

Before you come to the conclusion yourself, allow me point out in advance how I'm completely contradicting my basis for picking Russow over Duffee by picking undefeated London Shootfighter John Hathaway to edge Diego Sanchez for the upset.  Hathaway proved that his success in Cage Rage was legit with enthusiastic displays of his formidable strength and wrestling in his three-straight UFC wins over Tom Egan, Rick "Horror" Story, and Paul Taylor.

Sanchez is seeking to rebuild his once prominent status after falling short in two separate stints at welter- and lightweight, being horribly mauled and partially disfigured by B.J. Penn in his last venture.  He returns to 170 pounds with the intention of stepping on Hathaway to get back up, but the lanky Brit got the better end of the wrestling battle in his bout with Story, who's no shabby wrestler himself.  Though Diego plainly has the more proven ground assault and experience against top competition, I think Hathaway can use his height and 4" reach advantage to keep Diego at bay when he charges forward, and has enough grappling savvy to hold his own against Diego's aggression.  Diego has enhanced the berserk bull rush he employs to distract with strikes and snag a takedown by cleaning up his boxing game, but his charge into close distance is still fairly predictable.  My prediction:  Hathaway by decision

Luis Cane x Cyrille "The Snake" Diabate

Yes, another upset; and this is actually the one I'm feeling the best about.  Towering French kickboxer Cyrille Diabate is making his UFC debut as the gangliest 205'er in the light-heavyweight landscape, and boasts an extensive history in pure striking.  Cane hasn't shown the slightest interest or desire to do anything but stand and trade, and despite the rocket-fueled power of his devastating straight left and admirable Thai repertoire, Diabate should be able to keep him on the business end of his lanky strikes and pinpoint tiny openings to land the higher quantity of more meaningful blows.

My prediction:  Diabate by TKO


Lush Rimbaugh - Too bad you can't bend over and blow yourself.

 What would make you assume something so silly?  Like every other amazing athletic achievement, it's a simple matter of desire, motivation, training, and flexibility.

To clarify, the angle I'm looking for here is not:  "ZOMG, turns out you are awesome! a/s/l?"

But rather:  "Maybe you're just not as dumb as I thought you were."



ZOMG, turns out you are awesome! a/s/l?

Danlosdi - ZOMG, turns out you are awesome! a/s/l?

 I'm disappointed in your lack of creativity.

pm sent with bio, measurements and pics


Modern Day Messiah - nice work! You usually suck as bad as EvilMaster on picks.

 WHOA!  Hold the phones for a minute.

I can laugh at myself all day and take criticism in stride, but let's keep it civil.  That's a fucking low blow.

Lush Rimbaugh - Too bad you can't bend over and blow yourself.

I actually used to be able to do this, but I'm too fat now-really a shame too because I was awesome

Let these turds have their shots.

Hathaway/Sanchez turned out to be one of the most mispriced lines of the year (Mitrione/Kimbo comes to mind).

I hate myself for not taking Diabate +300, I liked the value but felt he'd lose. Analysis on Cane/Diabate turned out to be spot on, he's got some laser precision.