Can you train under someone you do

Can you train under someone you don’t respect?

A friend of mine is in a bad situation. He is on his high school’s wrestling team, and he loves wrestling. But his coach and the rest of his team constantly put him down and make fun of him. He does not know what to do, he wants to quit. But his coach came up to him and said “If you say anything to anyone about me or my team I will make your life Hell.”. Personally I don’t know what to tell him to do. I was going to tell him to quit and join a local wrestling club, because nobody should have to deal with a coach or anyone making fun of them. He says it’s not the type of joking around that usually goes on in a sports teams either, he says he is the only one who gets made fun of and it is getting to the point where he is becoming depressed about it. What do you guys think?

I would tell my kid/friend to quit . Life is too short to surround yourself with negative people . “If you say anything to anyone about me or my team I will make your life Hell.”. This indicates that he is not considered a member of the team. Join another wrestling club , find a judo,bjj school or anywhere where he is welcome.

Is transferring to another school an option? I normally would tell him to stick it out and be the bigger man, but we may be past that point. I would also mention it to the Athletic Director or Pincipal. You may save a kid in the future...

if he quits then the coach wins

tonyinnewcastle is correct.

Or, he can always go to the school administrators and make the coach's life hell. You can't go around threatening students like that, not in this day and age.

No offense but the story sounds a little made up. If it's true though, I'd definitly tell him to join another team.

why would this be "made up"? A lot crazier things happen in this world. I would quit the team, wrestle at a club and look into the possibility of transfering AND tell the school administrator and principal so this won't affect future kids.

Transferring to another school is probably NOT an option; in high school don't you have to live in a school district to compete for any of their sports teams (assuming this is a public school)? So his options are to either go to a private school and wrestle there, or actually move.

If it was just the coach he could stick it out but if the team doesn't get along with him, man that would be really really tough to deal with.

I would suggest contacting the administration of the school, or having his parents contact school administration.  The coach would either be forced to shape up, or lose his position, unless the school is willing to risk a lawsuit, which is highly unlikely.  Most school's become very worried about potential lawsuits, and will deal with the problem.



so how's the kid doing? we're midway through the season.

NO, respect plays a huge role in the learning process.  You get much more out of someone when respect is there.



"Say Goodnight" 

Fuck that. Tell him to have that asshole coach fired and press charges against the school.

See how much of a Hell the coach's life becomes when it gets blown up into a huge scandal and the school makes a sacrificial lamb out of this dude to save face. Having a rep as an adult that bullies kids will stick.

So wtf happened?

You should have him listen to "Lunatic Fringe" real loud, and date Linda Fiorentino.