Canada Tai Chi MMA Guy?

Anyone have contact info for the Canadian who teaches Tai
Chi, and competes successfully in MMA?

NOrthern Lights Tai Chi is what the school is called, I actually thought he posted here as "shooter" but I could be wrong... I'd post the same question on's forum, he is definitely on there

If you are looking for the Canadian guy who teaches "Couch Fu" make a thread... ATTN: JHR

It is true that JHR is the leading practitionar of Couch Fu

shooter is the poster, davey, your info is correct.

kirik, i think if you go to stickgrapplers forum, he saved some of the posts. although i'm a little miffed that stickgrappler didn't save my interesting thread on tai chi (which shooter posted on), which got erased from my threads during one of the forum changeovers.

esentially, in canada and vancouver, it's the yang tai chi guys who are interested in combat events, and there is a lot of people from hk and taiwan there.

Thanks much guys!

Madman, It's true.

I'm a 10th Dan Fuschia belt (Four Stripes)


I was looking for a Sensei that taught Futon Fu...My search continues