Canadian ADCC Trials Weigh In's ?

For the Canadian ADCC Trials.

Are the Weigh in's going to be the day before?

On the Day of the Tournamnet?

Thanks Scott


We need to know the answer.

To cut or not to cut, that is the question.

The weigh ins will be on the morning of the event.


Good news for out of towners!

Thanks Mike!


is it not possible to hold a weigh-ins for like an hour or two the day before the event?? it is not necessary to have it at the actual venue if it is not booked the day before but perhaps at a nearby academy....when the competitors who win move on they will be given the opportunity to cut weight the day before and this may give many competitors the chance to fight in the appropriate weight class...


Since the weigh ins at the abu dhabi championships are the day before the event, i think we should do the same to provide an even level for our fighters to be competitive with the rest of the worlds fighters. When fighters are of equal skill level, that 10-15 lbs defecit can be very difficult to overcome.

Jeff Joslin (from brazil :) )

ps the weather sucks down here, raining every day.

Mr. Joslin has choked out the correct and sent it to la-la land.

If we weigh in the day of the event, Jeff may do the same to me.

I need to point out that weigh-ins the day before disadvantages those coming from out of town. If I’m fighting in the Abu Dhabi finals, I know it, and I’m there days ahead of schedule to weigh in. For the Showdown qualifiers, however, many of us are driving several hours to compete, and then back home the same night. Due to work, we cannot be there the day before, and we do not have the benefit of cutting weight and then putting it back on as do the locals.

I’m used to skipping breakfast and leaving at 5:30 to get to a tourney, but usually I’m fighting against people who also had to skip breakfast for the same weigh-ins, thus, they weigh roughly the same as me. This time, I’ll be fighting someone who’s 5-10lbs heavier than me and well fed, simply b/c he’s from in town and I’m not.

To be honest, I couldn’t care less; just thought I’d bring that point up b/c this thread has been completely “pro day before.”

Or how about if I just phone in my weight the day before...90lbs, honest.

For university wrestling, the individual coaches of each team weighs his wrestlers and sends in the weights a day or two in advance. Obiviously, the honour system is being used, but I haven't heard of anyone playing the system.

I can see why those coming from out of town are worried about pre-weighins, but those that do win their weight will be at a huge disadvantage for the NA Trials.

University wrestling really never had weigh-ins called in 2 days in advance. Some small rookie tourneys and low level tourneys do have weights called in the day before, weigh-in has to usually be taken between 6-8 and a certified ref usually has to be present. Also realize it is much smaller community and with many, many more tourneys so everyone usually knows in advance pretty much what weight everyone wresltes.

This does change when it comes to major tournys though because you can't recieve carding points unless you show up to the official weigh-in. And no major tournament has this system espically one that is a major qualifier.


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I wrestle for UWO, and most tourneys I have taken part in now have weighins a day or two in advance. Of course, those are the tournaments hosted by individual universities. But as Sean said, we all know each other. If Ryan Weicker suddenly weighed in at 57 kilos, I would be suspicious.

The major tourneys have the official weighins, but they are usually the day before as well. I wrestled in the Junior Provincials this past year, and the weighins were at 5 pm the day before the event at several different locations.

I would think that the Canadian Abu Dhabi Trials is a major enough tournament that if you were competing, you would be prepared to take a day off work to weighin, prepare, etc. In all aspects, this is a National Championship tournament.

That is just my opinion, I am probably wrong.

Are you competing Sean???

I just think it should be consistent. If the weigh-ins at British Columbia are going to be the day before it only makes sense to have them the day before for the prelims. This is a major tournament so I think consistency would be nice.

about weigh-ins.. whether day before or day of, please use an accurate scale. I've seen too many tournies using a $12 walmart scale that's usually several lbs off.

I Second your motion KUZUSHI!! I've only been to one tournament where they used an accurate scale and it was a digital meat scale! Even the Arnold Classic used shit scales!!

The weigh in's should be the day of the event...i agree with Jeff that the ADCC weigh in's are the day before, but for people who are traveling like's not fair. I walk around at 173 and I'll be fighting at 167.2....someone who walks around at 190 and has a day to re-hydrate can also make 167.2 with no problem....the next day I'm facing someone 17 lbs. heavier then me.....either's not as if i could even dream about weighing 145 to make a lower weight class! Oh welllllllllllllllll! See you all in TO!