Canadian Fighter Abroad (not a broad)

Hey guys,
I've been lurking and creeping on here for a while now (and know some of you personally) and decided to finally join and post.
I'm a 145 lb.fighter who's 4-1 as a pro and has some ammy fights before that. I'm pretty much 100% under the radar in Canada because all of my fights have been in the U.S. I live in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario which makes it hard to compete in Canada (15 hour drive to Winnipeg, 10 to Quebec).

Anyways, I've taken a one year leave of absence from my job to move to Korea and step up my training. I'll be training with Daegu MMA, one of the top Korean teams. Lots of people were asking me about getting training updates so I started a blog. Check it out here Right now there's not a whole lot of training stuff on it, just a little from working out at extreme couture while visiting. In the next little while there will be much more.

I look forward to actually contributing and keeping up to date on the Canadian MMA scene and hopefully when I come back I'll be able to convince some Canadian promoters to give me a shot... Despite decent record and strong background in other combat sports I haven't been able to make anything happen in Canada.
Brent Fryia

Nifty, know any good places in Seoul. I'm going to check out John Frankl this Wednesday, but since you are in the "scene" here in Korea maybe you have some insight ;).

I just read your blog and noticed:

"m going. My girlfriend and I have secured jobs at an ESL "institute" which is arranging our flights and our housing while in Korea"

Big mistake, I hope you researched the school because private academies in this country are major b@stards.... Be very careful about paperwork, schedules and getting paid on time.

Not to say that some of them aren't bad and all, but still watch your back ... The academies prey on first year instructors who don't really know what they are entitled to.

Also make sure they are reporting your pension deduction ... That equals a decent amount of money when you leave.

Brent is a fucking animal, alot of talent and is going to do big thing in mma, It crazy that you can't get a fight here in canada, but enjoy Korea and take lots of picture.


Brent, thanks for the message on facebook, keep up the good work!

Ian Dawe

Very cool Brent, can't wait to read about your training over there. Are you going to be fighting in Korea?

I'm not too worried about the job or school screwing me. My brother's been in Korea for a year training and working. He checked everything out and talked to some people who know the school.From what I hear, Frankle's is pretty awesome but focuses on bjj in the gi and doesn't have a whole lot of MMA. My bro said that Evolution Jiu Jotsu and Team Tackle in Seoul have good MMA.I'd like to get a few fights while I'm over there but I'll have to get an addition to my Visa to be able to fight legally. Some people have been able to do it in the past so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I fought for King of the Cage in July and the promoter told me to keep him posted on where I am because they are going to do a show in Japan. It would be nice to fight for a promoter that I already know instead of getting exploited or set up by a Korean promoter, which seems to happen fairly regularly.

Little known fact: My first university wrestling match was against Brent. He made me do the splits and pull my groin, an accomplishment I have yet to repeat on my own.......the splits that is......

Ha. That made me laugh... who are you Canario?

And how does a fella go about getting a fancy green screen name? I feel somewhat self conscious and insecure around all these green names.

Andrew Ross from UWO. Pretty sure we only wrestled that one time when Lakehead was down for a practice and a dual meet, that was probably 5 years ago now. I think I only wrestled Mitch once as well and even that was a few years ago. 

If you send a message to Kirik (the owner of the site) and tell him who you are, he can make you green. 

Ah, I was thinking it might be you. I couldn't really think of anyone else near my size that was in the MMA scene.

It been a while since I'd consider myself part of the MMA scene, but hopefully that can change when I find a teaching job. I started a high school program here in London and I'm currently attempting to actually wrestle at level I can live with. Luckily, having Saeed here makes that easier by the day. 

FYI, I sent a message to Kirik, so you should have your green name soon.  Best of luck in your training and if you are ever in the London area, feel free to drop a line. Adrenaline MMA certainly has the promotion contacts that you are looking for.