Canadians who will be in ufc soon!

the only guy on that list worth anywhere near ufc is kang

I think Cote will beat Mahood as well. If Mahood fights like he did against Pellerin then Cote will beat him for sure.

Hominick is way too small for the UFC but Kang could be there soon.

Joe Doerkson is a must!

I think jason macdonald and menjivar have a legitimate chance!

My picks are Kang, MacDonald (Jason), Deorksen,and Menjivar. There is alot of Canadian talent though. I would like to see Cote fight after hearing all this hype, but I think he has some definate battles with the LHW's in order to be considered for titles or opportunities in Pride or UFC.

Denis Kang will be in the UFC.....

The Jackyl,
I totally agree with you... and anyone who has trained with Bill knows what an animal he is. Mahood over Cote for sure...

I would say Menjivar ;-)

Also, Doerksen and Kang would be great.

Gt99 is correct about Palling. I saw that fight and it proved

You think Galbraith is going to the UFC right away? And you don't mention menjivar?Galbraith has talent but I don't think he is at that level yet, perhaps one day.

Mahood has seldom been out of his element. He has only been stopped twice. He likes to throw down and thrives in that style of fight. Look at his fight against Nick Ring(who is a great striker) the Butcher took huge shots and gave huge shots. That is how I imagine his fight with Cote going. except the Butcher's experience and toughness will pull out the win(I think the ref stopped his fight with ring but Mahood was fine just caught under the mount). I think Mahood is probably 2 international fights out of the UFC. A fight against Vernon White, Chael Sonnon or a Forrest Griffin would do it. The same goes for Jason Macdonald.

Doerksen should already be in the UFC or pride, but he has a really ugly feet. Kang is definitely the closest, probably 1 International fight away.

Menjivar, Kang, Machine (yes he is young but they have let far less worthy in the octo and mark always goes balls out), Joe D, George st Pierre again, with some venues to showcase the skills first look for more Ontario boys in there as well.


Give Bocek a few years and he'll be there.

I agree Bocek will be there in a few years

I agree with Kang being in UFC, as well as myself. Menjivar too, from everything I've heard about him.

Galbraithe? I don't know who mentioned his name, but I wouldn't bet on that happening. sorry...

I always thought - and still do - that Sean Pierson - with the right training could have made an impression as welterweight in the UFC. Smart, naturally talented fighter. That shipped has sailed, however.

Kang,Doerksen,Menjivar (young guy), Gill and Bocek all are most likely to make Canda proud in the UFC if this is their desire.